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How Do I Pay With A Credit Note?

This section will describe the use of gift certificates and credit notes. A gift certificate is sold to a customer to be later redeemed for other items. A credit note is a document we give to a customer to be later redeemed for an item. As you can see, they are basically the same thing. Gift certificates and credit notes are handled the same way, although each can be controlled separately. When reading the following, you can take gift certificate to also mean credit notes, unless otherwise stated.

When the item gift certificate item is sold it needs to be given a gift certificate number. These can be set up in a number of different ways:

You can also choose whether or not your gift certificates can have expiry dates. If they don't you can redeem them at any time. If they do, POS can prompt for the expiry date when the gift certificate is sold. The certificate will not be allowed to be redeemed after this date.

If you print the gift certificate on the POS receipt printer, use the Gift Cert Header option in the Location tab of Till to define your own header for the gift certificate.

When a gift certificate is redeemed it is simply tendered just as you would tender cash. You set up a tender code to represent the gift certificate and enter the tender code in the Gift option in the Tender Types section of System Settings. When you pay with this tender code, the system will ask for the gift certificate number. It will attempt to validate this against gift certificates issued from that location. If it can find one it will accept it. If it can't find one, it will ask you to confirm that you do want to accept the gift certificate.


Press the Payment button.


Select the Credit Note tender.


Enter the credit note number the system produced when the credit note was originally sold. The system checks if it was previously sold. If not, it asks if you are sure you want to accept it.

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