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How Do I Perform A Notify Upgrade

When performing an update to the POS software, new upgrade files can be downloaded to the local c:\drsapps\upgrade directory prior to performing a software upgrade. The download will happen in the background of the POS, it won't affect sales processing. However, try to do this only in offpeak times so as to not place further work on the server.


Select the Till Control task from the POS Menu.


Select the required till. The lower section of the form shows which till is being controlled. As you click on different tills, this description changes.


Select the Notify Upgrade button.

Press the Yes button to send the command to the selected till or the No button to send the command to all tills in the location. When the till gets this command, it will contact the server to look for new upgrade files. If any files are found, they will be downloaded. Note, the files are not used immediately, only downloaded.

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