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How Do I Perform An X-Read?

The X Read is a report that is used to basically show how much money is recorded in a particular Till, or for a given user. The X Read will show the sum of all the sales since the last X Read or Z Read was carried out on the Till or for the given user. It gives a snap shot of the sales and tender details. X Reads can be run from either the POS or from the back office.


Press the Activity button.


Press the Menu button.


Select the X Read button.


Confirm by selecting continue (if an x read is not required select cancel). There will be a slight delay while the terminal collates the information.


When the X Read is displayed, select the Print button. Depending on whether reports have been set to print on the receipt printer or not, you can print the report out on the assigned receipt printer for the till.

Note: The X-Read does not cleardown or reset the daily sales.

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