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How Do I Perform A Stock Adjustment?

This section explains how to do a stock adjustment on the till.


Press the Activity button.


Press the Supervisor button.


Type in your password and press the OK button.


Press the Stock Adjust button.


Add the items that you want to adjust as if you were doing a normal sale. Adjust the quantities of each item as required.


Press the Payment button.


The system displays up to eight reasons for the adjustment. Select the appropriate reason for the adjustment.

The stock adjustment is now finished. A receipt prints out for the adjustment. The adjustment does not decrement stock immediately as it is sent to the back office for processing. Once processed, you are able to use Stock Adjustment to view the adjustment details. If there is an error processing any of the items in the adjustment, it is recorded in the usual audit areas. The error is shown when Process Jobs has run at the end of the day and it is printed on the System Status Report.

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