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How Do I Print Normal Tickets For Items Currently On Promotion?

When you create a ticket for an item you usually ask the system to print the current sell on it. This means that if you print a ticket while it is on promotion you get the promotional price. How can you create a batch so that the normal sell price is used without needing to design a complete new ticket?

When you create the batch, there is a setting called Price Type. This is usually 'Current'. Before you add items to the batch, change this to 'Normal'. Now when you add items, the price that the system will print as the ‘current’ price will in fact be the normal price.

If you want to print tickets only for items currently on promotion, do not attempt to enter the items individually. Instead, click the Bulk Tickets button to display the Bulk Tickets form. This allows you to enter criteria to select all the items you want. Change Sell Type to 'Promo' and press the Bulk Tickets button. The system will find all items on promotion and add them to the list of items in the batch.

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