How Do I Record Additional Costs To An Invoice?

'Extra Invoice Costs' is a function which is used to record additional costs in association with an invoice. Lets say for example the goods came through customs and there is an additional custom duty to pay. This custom amount will not be reflected on the original invoice of the goods but still impacts on the cost of the goods. Other examples may include freight or to add a distributed amount to a previous invoice useful when the invoiced and received quantities do not match and the service fee was only a partial amount. Using this function you can create a new invoice and link it to the original one. This will import all the items from that original invoice. Then you can distribute this extra value over the items. You can distribute the value based on Cartons, Weight or Value.

When you create an Extra Invoice Cost transaction, you will be asked for the Invoice Type. You can create your own invoice types by using the Reason function (DATAENTRYBASIC.EXE REASON) that allows you to define reasons for doing refunds and till adjustments, and so on. In the Adjustment Type field select Extra Invoice Costs as the type and you can also select the tax code that will be used, if any.

When you accept the transaction, the system will generate adjustment entries for each item and adjust the average cost of the item. You can see the impact of this in Stock Audit. It will also generate an entry to the supplier's credit account to show that you owe them money.

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