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How Do I Record A Payment On An Account?

First of all you have to view the required account details. See How Do I See Account Details For Customers? or How Do I See Account Details For Suppliers? Once you have your details you can use the following instructions to record a payment:


Click the Payment button to add a new adjustment.
button_fees.gif (1541 bytes)

Figure: Example Account Adjustment Screen


Enter the value of the payment in the Adjustment Amount field.


Select the method of payment in the Payment Method combo box, for example cash, credit card, and so on.


In the Reference and Other Reference fields, enter reference details for the payment.


Select the Allocations tab.

Figure: Example Account Adjustment Allocations Screen


In the grid at the bottom of the window, move to each transaction effected by this payment and enter the amount in the Allocated column of the grid. The Allocate amount cannot be more than the Outstanding amount shown next to each transaction. If you simply want to allocate this transaction against the oldest transactions in the system, click the Allocate To Oldest button.


Click the Save button to complete the payment. You won't be able to click the Save button until the payment is fully allocated.

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