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How Do I Record Gratuities?

A gratuity is a tip given by the customer at their discretion and may be received at the time of payment either when a customer is paying by card and a gratuity amount is added to the payment slip whilst signing it or when the customer pays by cash and says 'keep the change'. If the gratuity is received after payment has been made (normally cash left on the table when the customer leaves), then this amount can be entered as a separate transaction.

At Time Of Payment

For recording tips or gratuities given at the time of payment.


Press the Payment button to finalise the sale. A number of suggested options are displayed on the right side from which to choose (None, 10%, 15%, and so on).


Select one of these or enter the amount.


Complete the payment as usual.

After The Transaction

For recording tips or gratuities given after a transaction.


Log on.


Go to Activity and select the Tip button.


Select the sale from the receipt list and press the Tip button.


Enter in the tender and the amount and press the Payment button.

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