How Do I Record Multiple Invoices?

Invoices are used to record the amount that a supplier has billed for items shipped to a location (such as a store or warehouse). The usual process for tracking the delivery and costs of stock is:

create a purchase order for items you need to buy from a supplier

• create a goods receipt when the items are received

• create an invoice so you can pay the supplier for the items received

Multiple invoices can be matched to a single purchase order as long as the status of the applicable line items is changed from 'Received' to 'More To Come'. See steps below:


Create a new Invoice via the Invoice task from the Main Menu.


Invoices do not require purchase orders. If no purchase order was created, you can simply create an invoice and enter the items directly on the Items tab.

If a purchase order was created, the invoice can be matched to it. In the Purchase Order# field, enter the number of the purchase order you sent to the supplier. This should be printed on the receipt that arrived with the goods. If not, press the Purchase Order# button to search for the purchase order. Selecting the Search button shows a list of all anticipated pending deliveries. This list is generated from pending Purchase Orders that have been sent to the suppliers.

Click the appropriate purchase order receipt and press the Select button to launch the receipt. Pressing the button inputs items from the original/previous purchase orders for lines not supplied from previous deliveries.


Click the Items tab to view the details.


Find each item on the invoice in the grid and confirm that the quantity invoiced and the invoice cost is correct.

By default the quantity invoiced is the quantity ordered. If the quantity is not correct, change either the Units Invoiced or Cartons Invoiced by double-clicking on the row to change or click the button to open the Item Details window.

In the Invoice Details section of the Item Details window, change the Units and Cartons quantities to the actual number received (instead of the full quantity ordered).

Verify that the status has changed from 'Received' to 'More To Come' as this status is what allows multiple invoices to be applied against a single purchase order.


Save the Item Details changes and then make other changes to the invoice as normal, such as freight and tax changes.


When finished, press the Accept button to complete the invoice process. This will update the average cost of the items invoiced.  


The invoice cost adjustments can be viewed from the Stock Audit screens.


When creating an additional invoice for the remaining balance of the purchase order, there is no need to adjust the item quantities, and the status should remain as 'Received'.


The item records will reflect the new ‘stock on hand’ and ‘on order’ values according to the goods receipts.

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