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How Do I Record Stock Received From A Transfer?

When you need stock from another location, you need to make a request (see How Do I Request An External Stock Transfer?). You send this request to the location and they in turn will send you the stock. With the stock will be a Transfer Send Report that lists the details of the stock. You then find the original request and record the quantities and value of stock actually received.


Locations, Items, Suppliers.


Select the Inventory task from the Main Menu.


Start the Transfer Request task from the menu.


Click the Request button to perform a search.

Search for the transfer using the Request# from the Transfer Send Report you received with the stock or request search option.


Highlight the request and press Select.


Click the Items tab. Each item you received is listed on the report. Find each item in the grid that lists the items you originally requested.


If all quantities received are the same as requested, click the Accept button.


If the quantity you received is different from the request, click on the List button from the Item tab. Alter the units to match the delivery and press Save.


Alter each line as necessary then press the Accept button. You can enter this as either a number of units (in the Units Recv column) or as a number of cartons (in the Cartons Recv column).


Clicking the Accept button marks the transfer request as completed. The system updates your stock on hand and stock value. You will not be able to change the items on this transfer now.
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