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How Do I Reload A Till?

Tills can be reloaded to update the system with the latest information from either the POS terminal itself or initiated from the backoffice. A Full Reload initialises the tills whereas a Config Reload updates new users, discounts, and settings for the till and so on but does not update new products/item information.


Select the Till Control task from the POS Menu.


Select the required till. The lower section of the form shows which till is being controlled. As you click on different tills, this description changes.


Select either the Full Reload or Config Reload button as appropriate.

Press the Yes button to send the command to the selected till or the No button to send the command to all tills in the location.

You are not able to use the POS terminal while the reload is happening. This process takes approx. 5-10 minutes depending on how many items are in that location.

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