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How Do I Reload Data?

The Reload tasks are done to update the system with the latest information. You generally will not need to do this as it is done as part of end of day processing. When a Reload is carried out, the POS will connect to the headoffice system, download all of it’s settings, users, products, prices and so on and store the data locally on the Till. Reloads are often carried out overnight so as to not interrupt Users during trading hours.

Reloads are defined as either ‘Item Reloads’ or ‘Config Reloads’. A Config Reload will download only the settings for the Till. It will not download any product information. An Item Reload will download the settings for the Till AND all product information. As Config Reloads do not have to download as much data, they often complete much faster.

You can Reload a Till either manually from the Till itself, of from the backoffice Till Control application. To Reload from a Till:


Press the Activity button.


Press the Supervisor button.


Type in your password and press the OK button or swipe your card.


Press the Config/Item Reload button.

The POS downloads all the current information from the server. You are not able to use the POS while this is happening. This process takes approx. 5-10 minutes depending on how many items are in that location.

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