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How Do I Respond To A Stock Transfer Request?

When a location wants to get stock from you, they will send you a Transfer Request Report, which lists the items that they require. (See How Do I Request An External Stock Transfer?). You pick the stock (obviously only if you have enough to spare) and then record the fact you have sent the stock by using the Transfer Send task as outlined below.


Locations, Items, Suppliers.


Start the Transfer Send task from the menu.


Click the New button.
 The system adds a new transfer and automatically assigns a transfer number.


In the Sending Location field, enter the code of your location that you are sending the stock from. If you don't know the location's code, press the Send From button to search for it.


Move to the Loc Requesting field and enter the code of the location that requested the stock. If you don't know the location's code, press the Request button to search for it.


On the Transfer Request Report that the location sent to you, there is a Transfer Request #. Enter it in the Request# field.


Click in the IPN column in the grid to start adding the items you are sending.


Enter the IPN of the item you want. If you only have the supplier's order code, press the Tab key to move to the Order column and enter the order code. If you don't have the IPN or the order code then click  to start an item search.


Enter the quantity you want to enter. You can enter this as either a number of units (in the Units Sent column) or as a number of cartons (in the Cartons Sent column).


If you need to add more items, click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) button. Repeat Steps 7 to 8 until all items have been entered.


If you need to change the quantity for an item, simply click in the Units Sent or Cartons Sent column of the required item and enter the new values.


If you need to delete an item from the transfer do one of the following:

         I.      Click on the required row and then click the btnSmallDelete.gif (1109 bytes) button.

       II.      Click on the required row. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the Delete key. The system will check you want to delete. Click OK to delete the line, or Cancel to leave the line in the transfer.


Once all items have been entered, click the Print button.
Button_Print2.gif (1479 bytes)

The system prints out a Transfer Send Report. Check the details on it.


Click the Accept button to mark the transfer as completed. You will not be able to change the items on this transfer now.
button_send.gif (1461 bytes)


Send the report and stock to the requesting location.

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