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How Do I Schedule Automatic Running Of Tasks?

Once the overnight jobs have been scheduled via the Schedule Job application, you then need to schedule the jobs to run during the night when trade has ceased. To do this, we use Windows Scheduler via the Windows Control Panel. For example, to schedule the running of the tasks to automatically run on Sunday night we need to do two things:

1. Define which tasks we want to be in the Sunday night processing via the Schedule Job applications.

2. Schedule the Sunday night list of tasks to run at a specific time on Sunday via the Window scheduler.

In order to automatically run tasks, we use the Process Job application. So in actual fact, we have to schedule the Process Job application to run in the Windows scheduler. However, since Process Job can be run manually and thus requires a user to log on to the Main Menu, we need to use a second application to actually kick off the task. To explain this further, lets follow the steps required to set up the Windows scheduler:


Start up the Windows scheduler via the Windows control panel.


Click Add Scheduled Task.


The Scheduled Task wizard will prompt you for the application you want to schedule to run. Select the DRSBatchRun.exe program from the drsapps directory.


Follow the wizard to set the daily scheduling of the job for example each week, on Sunday night, at 11pm, run this program.


Save the Scheduled task.


Right click on the newly created Scheduled task and click Properties.


 In the Run textbox, change the run text so that it looks like:

C:\drsapps\DRSBatchRun.exe DataEntryBasic.exe PROCESSJOB PM1


Click the OK button.

So in this example, the Sunday night's Scheduled tasks (denoted by the PM1 parameter) will be run automatically when the Windows scheduled task is run. Although we have used PM1 (Sunday night) in this example, you can set your parameter to be any of the following:

AM1, AM2...AM7 for morning sessions.

PM1, PM2...PM7 for evening sessions.

MISC1, MISC2...MISC7 for miscellaneous sessions.

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