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How Do I Search For A Member?

The Search button is usually used to find a particular customer.


To search for a member, press the Member (Customer) button.


Press the Search button. A Member search form is displayed.


Enter the details you want to try to find the item by. This can be by Last Name, First Name, Member Item Number, Post Code, Transaction Type or Status. If you want to search by the last or first name you only need to enter the first few letters. Searching using partial matching on post codes such as LU5 is allowed.


Press the Find (Search) button. The system tries to find all the members that match the details you entered. If you did not enter any details, the system warns you that the search might take a while. Warning: If you tell the system to do the search anyway, you will not be able to stop it until it has finished.


The list of members that match your request is displayed. Highlight the member this sale is for.


Press the Select button to add the member to the sale.

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