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How Do I Search For An Item?

If you cannot scan the item or it is not on the fastkeys, you can try to find it by doing a search.


Press the Search button. An Item search form is displayed.


Enter the details you want to try to find the item by. This can be by Description, Item Number, Brandname, Supplier, Family, Order Code or Department/Category/Group. If you want to search by the description you only need to enter the first few letters.


Press the Search button (or HO Search button). The system tries to find all the items that match the details you entered. If you did not enter any details, the system warns you that the search might take a while. Warning: If you tell the system to do the search anyway, you will not be able to stop it until it has finished.


The list of items that match your request is displayed. Highlight the item you want to sell.

Note: You can sort on the columns in the search grids in POS. The list toggles between ascending / descending.


Press the Select button to add the item to the sale.

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