How Do I See Which Items I Can Order?

If you follow the instructions in How Do I Add A New Purchase Order? you need to manually enter the items yourself. You can make the ordering easier. Add your new purchase order as you normally would, that is supplier, location, delivery dates, and so on. However, don't enter any items in it. Instead do the following:


Locations, Items, Suppliers.


Within the Purchase Orders task, click the Items button.


The following form is displayed. Depending on the number of items available from the supplier, this might take a little while to display while the system does its calculations. The form shows all the items available from the chosen supplier. Select the criteria for example, Dept of beverages and click the Add Items button.


All items from the selected supplier and criteria are shown. Select the checkbox in the Order column of the item you want to order and enter the number of units you want. Repeat this for all items you want to order


Click the Accept button.
button_send.gif (1461 bytes)

The window closes and you are returned to the main form. The system automatically adds all the selected items to the purchase order.

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