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How Do I Sell A Gift Card?

How Do I Top Up An Account Balance?, How Do I Pay With A Gift Card?

A gift card is a customer debit account that is not linked to a specific customer. You sell special gift items to the customer - these may be plastic cards that can either have preprinted unique numbers or a space to write a number. The system will automatically create an account using the unique number and the sale value. The customer can then use the account to pay for purchases. Because the account is not linked specifically to a customer, the account can be passed to some one else as a gift. The account can also be topped up so the card can be used indefinitely.


Enter the specific card number of the gift card being sold or you can sell the generic item.

If you enter the specific card number, the POS will check the length and prefix to ensure its a valid card. It will then select the first item (the one with lowest IPN from the list) and add this to the transaction.

If you sell a generic item, you will be asked to enter the card number.

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