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How Do I Set Up A Consolidated Stock Item?

It is possible to buy stock in different size containers and size bottles but to hold this stock against one item. Items are ordered and received in using individual products. The individual products are linked to the holding unit so as the goods are received in the consolidated item stock increases. As items are sold, the stock is down-dated accordingly from the consolidated item stock. Either count the separate items or the holding item when counting for stock takes.

The consolidated (holding) item should be set up using the procedure as shown below. All other items (different size stock items and the sales items) should be set up individually (see How Do I Add A New Basic Item?) and linked to the consolidated item within the Linked/Stocked Items tab. The Keep Stock Count checkbox on the Basic tab within the Items window should be enabled for each item.


Select the Items task from the Main Menu.


Start the Items option from the Items menu.


Click the New button.
 The following window is displayed.



Enter the supplier as UNK (unknown) and an order code of CONSOLIDATED and click the Add button. The system checks if there are any matching items.


If there are no matching items, the system immediately adds the item. Go to 6.

If there are matching items scroll through the list of items displayed. If none are the item you want to add then click the Create Item button. The system immediately adds a new item. Go to 6.


At this stage you are on the main entry form for the item. The system has assigned a new number to the item automatically. You now need to fill in the holding item details.


Enter the Description and Unit of Measure for the consolidated item.


Select the Department, Category and Group that the item belongs in.


You now need to set the cost for this item. Click the Costs/Sells tab.


In the Replenishment section click the New button.


Select the Supplier/Order Code.


Select the Location that will pay this cost. This can be a specific location or it can be a location group.


Enter the Ex-Tax Cost. The system automatically calculates the Inc-Tax Cost.


Click the Save button.


Click the Send button.


Click the Save button.

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