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How Do I Set Up A Linked Item?

Linked items are used to sell the same item in different quantities, for example beer in cartons, six-packs and singles. Each method of selling the product, that is carton, six-pack and single, is set up as separate items in the system. This is because each product has its own sell price and may have its own barcode that you can use for scanning purposes. However, you can only buy the product one way from the supplier (cartons). These additional items are known as linked items.

The basic item should already be set up (see How Do I Add A Basic Item?). This item should be set up to sell at the smallest unit, for example single. This is because the cost details is usually received as a carton cost and size that gives a single unit cost. From this single we can make six-packs and cartons.

When you go to set up the remaining items you DO NOT add them in like other products. You retrieve the main item and tell the system you want to create a linked item.


Select the Items task from the Main Menu.


Start the Items option from the Items menu.


Find the base item you want to link to (press the Items button to start the search).

Use IPN or Description to narrow the search.


Select the Linked/Stocked Items tab.


Click the Create New Link button.

Enter the quantity of the original item that makes the linked item. For example, if the original item is a single and we are setting up a six-pack then the quantity is six. If we are setting up a carton, this number is twenty-four.


Click the OK button.


Repeat steps 5-6 for each linked item.


Click the Save button.

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