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How Do I Set Up A POS Keyboard?

These instructions assume that you already have a list of items ready to add to your keyboard. Each item should have a barcode or PLU so that it can be 'scanned'. A keyboard definition can have many panels, each with fast keys that can open other panels. This allows unlimited panels to be set up. You should have some idea as to how you want to layout your fast keys on panels before proceeding.




Start the POS Keyboard task from the Backoffice Menu.


Press the New button. The system starts a new keyboard. It automatically assigns a new number to the keyboard.


Enter a short description about the keyboard in Description.


Click the Default Values tab and enter the default button fonts and colours.


Click the Basic tab.


Press the New btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) button in the Panel Details section. A new panel is added to the keyboard.


Enter a unique level number (numbers 1-10 reserved for fast key entry) and name of the panel. This name is displayed to the user so make it meaningful.


Add items, modifiers and links to other panels to generate a layout. See separate ‘How Do I’ topics for more information.


Click the Save button when done.

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