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How Do I Set Up B2B Service for ViewPoint WMS?


Set up a supplier for the warehouse with the PO Output Format  on the Ordering tab set to the value ‘ViewPoint WMS’.


Set up a location for the WMS of type WAREHOUSE.


In the new warehouse location set up a cross-reference to the new warehouse supplier.


Set up the option in System Settings for the B2B output directory. The default for this is c:\drsapps\b2b and each individual target location has its own directory off here – for example c:\drsapps\b2b\viewpoint.


Items to be transferred to / from the warehouse location via this new function need to be set up with the new warehouse supplier as their preferred supplier. They will also need to have cost / sell records for each location.


Any items to be transferred should have an initial stock on hand value set at the warehouse location for the initial starting point.

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