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How Do I Set Up Barclays Gift Cards?

Barclays gift cards are supported when using the Commidea EFT Interface. Use the procedure below to set up the gift card functionality.


Use the Items function to create an item to represent the gift card. You can set up the item with a zero price so you are prompted for a price each time the item is sold.


Create a tender to represent payment with a gift card ensuring the Gift Card Type is selected. To enable the default payment amount for the gift card tenders to be the outstanding balance, the flag ‘Can the customer give you more than the value of the sale? If you answer No, the customer can only tender the exact amount.’ on the DynaPOS Options tab needs to be unchecked.

To enable the tender used on POS at the location and to configure who can use the tender, for example gift cards may be accessed by supervisors only, use the Tenders tab within Locations.


Start System Settings and go to the POS 1 tab. Enter the IPN of the sales item configured for the purchase and top-up of gift cards in the Gift Card Item setting.


In Tills, ensure the Device Type of EFTPOS - Commidea (UK) is set.


In Tills on the Profile-Security tab, apply security settings to the gift card functions:

  • Gift Card Purchase. Allows the configuration of the users that can sell and top-up gift cards.

  • Gift Card Balance Enquiry. Controls the configuration of users that can perform gift card balance enquiries.


Use the POS Keyboard function to add additional functions to the POS screen layout to provide the gift card functionality at POS.

  • GCPURCHASE. To allow gift card purchases.

  • GCBALENQ. To allow gift card balance enquiries.

Use the translation functionality to change the descriptions as necessary.


Use the POS Keyboard function to amend the default gift card preset values if required, via the keyboard state GIFTCARDPRESETS. By default the Gift Card Presets are displayed on POS as 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200. How Do I Change Gift Card Preset Values?


After all changes have been made restart the Merchant Central Server (MCS) and reload the POS in order to pick up the new tender type. To sell a gift card, you can either enter the specific card number of the gift card being sold or you can sell the generic item set up in step 1 above.


To use the card, simply make a sale and pay for it with the Gift Card Redemption tender you set up in Step 2 from the list of payment tenders. Either select a preset payment amount or enter the payment amount. The POS makes a call to the Ocius software to redeem a value against the gift card.

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