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How Do I Set Up EFTPOS Mapping?


Using the Tenders function, set up a tender code for EFTPOS. It should have the Interfaced to EFTPOS option check on.


Set up a tender for each possible card you want to capture, for example VISA, Mastercard, and so on. The Order for these tenders should be -1. This will prevent them from being visible to the user but will allow them to be used at POS.


Use the Tender Cross-Reference function and defined a record for each possible card type (refer to the EFTPOS documentation for available codes). For each record you specify the card type and the matching tender code you created in Step 2.


At POS, select the EFTPOS tender as a payment method. When the EFTPOS transaction is completed successfully, POS will add the cross-referenced tender code to the transaction, not the original EFTPOS tender. If you don't set up a cross-reference for a card type, the POS will simply use the EFTPOS tender that was originally selected and no mapping will occur.

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