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How Do I Set Up Gift Accounts?


Use the Items function to create an item to represent the gift card. You can set up one item with a zero price so you are prompted for a price each time the item is sold, or you can set up multiple items, each with a fixed price.


Create a tender to represent payment with a gift account.


Start System Settings and go to the POS 1 tab.


Enter the tender number in the Gift A/c setting.


Go to the POS 2 tab and enter the list of items as a comma-delimited list (no spaces) in the Gift Account Items.


The cards that you sell should have a specific format. They should start with a prefix and be of a certain length, for example GIFT00001, GIFT00002,GIFT00003. Enter the prefix, for example GIFT, in the Account Number Prefix option. Enter the length of the number (including the prefix), for example 9, in the Account Number Length option.


If you want the system to generate numbers for you automatically, check on the Auto Generate Gift Ac Number.

Note: If you check this option on, the POS will generate a new number for every gift card sold. The customer will not be able to top up the balance of an existing card.


For each location, go to the Account tab and indicate the account location to be used for the GIFTAC account type.


Reload your POS. To sell a gift card, you can either enter the specific card number of the gift card being sold or you can sell the generic items set up in step 1 above. If you enter the specific card number, the POS will check the length and prefix to ensure its a valid card. It will then select the first item (the one with lowest IPN from the list entered in Step 5) and add this to the transaction. If you sell a generic item, you will be asked to enter the card number.


To use the card, simply make a sale and pay for it with the Gift Ac tender you set up in Step 2. The system will ask you for the gift card number. It will validate that there is enough money left in the account. If there is not enough money you are given a choice whether to redeem this amount and pay the remainder with another payment or to reject the payment by gift account.


If you want the ability to check a gift account balance, use the POS Keyboard function to add the GIFTACBAL function to the Activity menu. When you select this option you will be asked for card number. The system will then tell you the balance of the card.

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