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How Do I Set Up Givex Gift Cards?

Givex Gift Cards

Use the procedure below to set up the gift card functionality.


Use the Items function to create an item to represent the Givex gift card with a zero price.


Create one or two Tenders - one tender for Stored Value, another for Points. Ensure the option Can the customer give you more than the value of the sale is not selected on the DynaPOS Options tab. If desired, configure the maximum tender amount and if the tender is accepted for Returns and Refunds.

Note: Returning a transaction paid with points is not supported.

On the DynaPOS Options 2 tab, ensure the appropriate Gift Card Type is selected.


Start System Settings.

On the POS 1 tab, enter the IPN of the item configured in step 1 in the Givex Gift Card Item setting.

On the POS 2 tab the first three settings affect the Givex point operation. Configure the points currency here.

On the POS 3 tab, enter the connection details (IP address and so on).

Figure: Example Givex Panel in System Settings POS 3 tab


In Till Devices, add the Device Type of Interface - Givex.

On the Profile- Settings 3 tab, enter the maximum value that a card can be topped up by in a single transaction. This applies to Activation, Topup and Manual Adjustment operations. Select the Money/Points check boxes to enable the functionality of the gift cards.


In Tills on the Profile-Security tab, apply security settings to the gift card functions:

  • Gift Card Activation.

  • Gift Card Balance Enquiry.

  • Gift Card Manual Adjustment.

  • Gift Card Top Up.

  • Register Gift Card.


Use the POS Keyboard function to add additional functions to the POS screen layout to provide the gift card functionality at POS.



Available On Panels


Gift Card Balance Enquiry
Allows the Gift Card balance (Stored value and Points) to be retrieved.

Activity, New Transaction, In Transaction


Activate Gift Card
Allows gift cards to be started.

Activity, New Transaction


Top up Gift Card
Allows gift cards to be topped up.

Activity, New Transaction


Manual Adjustment
Allows gift cards to be manually adjusted.

Activity, New Transaction


Register Card
Allows gift cards to be registered for Points issue once the transaction is paid.

New Transaction, In Transaction

Use the translation functionality to change the descriptions as necessary.


Use the POS Keyboard function to amend the default gift card preset values if required, via the keyboard state GIFTCARDPRESETS. By default the Gift Card Presets used for activating or topping up a gift card are displayed on POS as 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200. How Do I Change Gift Card Preset Values?


In order to use the Points functionality an exchange rate must be set between the Points currency and the primary currency to set how much the points are worth. The Points currency is configured in System Settings POS 2 tab (as in step 3 above) and an exchange rate from PTS (Points) into the primary currency is performed using the Currency Rate function.


After all changes have been made restart the Merchant Central Server (MCS) and reload the POS in order to pick up the new tender type. To sell a Givex gift card, you can sell the generic item set up in step 1 above. To use the card it requires activation.


To use the card, simply make a sale and pay for it with the Gift Card Redemption tender (Stored Value or Points) you set up in Step 2 from the list of payment tenders. Either select a preset payment amount or enter the payment amount.

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