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How Do I Set Up Kitchen Messages?

Use this procedure to print a message to the kitchen printer when selected items are sent to the kitchen. This allows you to tell the kitchen staff to hurry up on an item or to slow down.

In summary, two steps are involved:

a. Add the KITCHENMSG key to the POS keyboard in the Item or Item Modify states.

b. In the Reason function you add Kitchen Message reasons, for example Hurry Up, Slow Down.

In detail, to set up kitchen messages:


Start the POS Keyboard task from the Backoffice Menu.


Find the keyboard you want to add the KITCHENMSG to (press the POS Keyboard button to start the search).


Click the Keyboard States tab.


Edit the Item or Item Modify states.


Select an empty button in the grid and select the KITCHENMSG action required.


Click the Save button.


Click the Save button to exit POS Keyboards.


Start the POS Reasons task.


Click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) New button to add a reason.

Ensure the Adjustment Type is Kitchen Message.


Click the Save button.


Close the Reason Codes module.


Reload the Till(s).


At POS you recall the transaction and select the Kitchen Message key. You can then touch each item to select it for printing. A green checkmark will appear next to each item.

When all required items are selected, you select a reason. The items and the reason will then be printed to the associated kitchen printers.

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