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How Do I Set Up Kitchen Printing?

A kitchen printer is used to print order details from a sale so that the chef can prepare the meals.


Start the Kitchen Printer Setup task from the POS Setup Menu. (DATAENTRYBASIC.EXE POSPRINTER)


Click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) New button to add a new row to the grid.


Select the Till. You need to set up definitions for each till that needs to send information to the kitchen printer.


Enter the Priority number. The items with the lowest priority number print first. This means that you can print starter meals first and mains second.


Select the Department/Category/Group for the set of items which this definition applies to. You can specify as much information as you require.


Enter the Printer code of the kitchen printer that the items in this rule are sent to. This must be a valid device in Tills/Till Devices.


Click the Save button.

How Do I Add A Kitchen Printer?

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