How Do I Set Up MultiMedia Plus?

The latest version (version 5) of Multi Media Plus (MMPlus) has been released and requires a 2-part installation. (Please note, before installing the latest version you must uninstall any previous versions installed.)


  1. V5.10.0.0 - This is the installer for the MMPlus, simply run the setup.exe in the folder. Once this is installed, check that the required file c:\WINDOWS\MMPLUS.INI is present.

  2. VideoClientComponentSetup- - This is a separate component that needs to be installed for MMPlus to function. Again simply run the setup program in the folder.

Three elements are required for the configuration of MMPlus:


DataEntryBasic Till

DataEntryItem Item


The Multi Media Plus (MMPlus) software is run via an ini file (MMPLUS.INI) that can be configured by the user to work with BE. To test, run the MMPlus.exe from the install folder (default is ‘C:\pwrstore\mmplus’).

Note: You must launch the MMPlus.exe before starting Dynapos. When POS starts it checks whether it can connect to MMPlus using the configuration settings in Till Devices.

The MMPlus software is configured using the MMPLUS.INI file. Version 5 supports images of the purchased items being displayed and also allows text to be included in the subtotal and change details displayed for MMPlus.

The INI file supports a new option to specify the length of time (in seconds) that an image is displayed for.


This example sets the timeout to 5 seconds.

Till Setup

The customer facing screen needs to be setup within the Till Devices tab of Tills in BE.


Start the Tills task from the Main Menu.


Find the Till to assign the keyboard to (press the Till button to start the search).

Use the Code or Description to narrow the search. Press the Search button.


Select the required Till and press the Select button.


Select the Till Devices tab.


Click the Add button to add a new device with the following settings:




Device Type

Customer Display – Torex Multimedia

Select the MMPlus device type. Only a selection of relevant fields are displayed.

Network Path –





This contains the path the MMPlus will look at when retrieving the images that have been sent to it of the purchase items.

If the MMPlus is on the same machine as the POS, then an absolute path can be specified for example C:\Drsapps\Media.

If the MMPlus is on a different network machine, the network share path must be specified, ensuring the path is shared on the target machine for example \\MACHINE\Drsapps\Media.

Network Address

This is the connection information used to connect to the MMPlus.

If the screen is locally attached to the terminal then the Network path is:-

This consists of the local IP address ( followed by the port number for the screen.

If the screen is not local, you must enter the IP address of the machine running MMPLUS followed by the same port number for example

If port 8112 cannot be used in your configuration, change the port number in MMPLUS.INI. The port number can be found in the following section:




Click the Save button when done.


Select the Profile - Printing tab.


On the MMPlus the subtotal section by default displays only the subtotal value. By selecting the check box it will add a description to this field showing what the amount represents such as Balance or Change.


Click the Save button when done.


The item images are set up within the Customer Details tab. When the item is purchased this image will show in the MMPlus media window for the duration of the timeout or until a new item image is sent.


Start the Items  task from the Main Menu.


Find the Item to assign the image to (press the Item button to start the search).


Select the Customer Details tab.


Use the Ticket Clip 1 field to set the image to be used for this item selected. This image will be send to the MMPlus when the item is purchased and will appear in the media window

To use images for this field, the images must already be added using ‘DataEntryBasic MediaClip’.


Click the Save button when done.

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