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How Do I Set Up Reward Vouchers?

The Bulk Account Adjustments function can be used to make account adjustments across many accounts at once. You can use this to allow member points to be automatically redeemed for vouchers as part of a loyalty system.

The member can then use these vouchers to pay for a sale. For example, you may redeem every 200 points for a $10 voucher. These vouchers with a configurable prefix can then be used at POS just like gift certificates. The system will remember the values used so that next time the function is started, those values can be used as defaults.


Start the Tills task from the Main Menu. (DataEntryBasic.exe TILL)


Find the appropriate Till (press the Till button to start the search).

Use the Code or Description to narrow the search. Press the Search button.


On the Profile- Settings 2 tab, there are two settings to control the validation of Reward Vouchers - Validate Gift Cert/Cr Note/Reward Vchr# and Validate Reward Voucher when Offline. When the checkboxes are selected,

If head-office is online, only genuine numbers can be redeemed. POS cannot be overridden to accept numbers not found.

If head-office is offline, only reward voucher numbers starting with the defined prefix will be accepted.

Click the Save button.


In System Settings POS 2 tab, enter a reward voucher ‘prefix’ number.


Click the Save button.


Select the Bulk Account Adjustments task from the Accounts Menu. (MERCHANTEOD.EXE ACCOUNTADJ xxxxxx)


Select the Location, Terms, Adjustment Code and Transaction Location.


Select the Adjustment Type as Reward Vouchers.


Enter the Reward Point value for example 200.


Enter the Voucher Value for example 10.


Click the Process button. Reward vouchers are generated taking into account the prefix set up in System Settings.

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