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How Do I Set Up Supplier Cross-References?

When you receive a host file from a wholesaler, such as AIW, Davids or ALM, it may contain references to the original manufacturer. Unfortunately, the code the wholesaler uses is most likely not the same as the code you use. You need to set up cross-reference codes so the system can translate from your code to the wholesaler's and vice versa. You must set up a supplier code for the wholesaler and one for each manufacturer before continuing (see How Do I Add a New Supplier?).


Start the Suppliers task from the Main Menu.


Select the Suppliers option.


Find the supplier to cross-reference. Click the Supplier button at the top left of the window. Click in the Name field and enter the first few letters of the supplier's name (four or five is sufficient). Press the Search button. Select the supplier required and press the Select button.


Click the Cross-References tab.


In the Supplier Cross-Reference Codes section click the New button.


Enter your code for the supplier. If you don't know the code, click the button to perform a search for it.


In the Cross-Reference Code, enter the wholesaler's code for the same manufacturer.


Click the Save button in the Supplier Cross-Reference window.


Repeat steps 5-8 for each cross-reference for this supplier.


Click the Save button.

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