How Do I Set Up The Kitchen Video System?

The Kitchen Video System (KVS) is designed to logically control the flow of orders from the POS terminal into the kitchen environment. As the order is keyed in, the order is displayed onto a preparation station screen in the kitchen in real time. Colours represent different states of the order and the elapsed order time. Once the order has been completed in the kitchen, it is bumped off the KVS.

On BE, the KVS device needs to be set up as a Till Device and items allocated to the KVS via the Kitchen Printer Setup module. Deploying the KVS


Start the Tills task from the Main Menu.


Find the Till you want to add the KVS to. Select the Till button. Enter any known details or select the Search button to generate a list of all tills. Click the required till and press the Select button.


Select the Till Devices tab. For each KVS you need to add a new line in the Till Devices grid.


Click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) in the Till Devices section to add a new row to the grid.



Set the Device Code to a unique code for the device. All till devices, regardless of what till they are connected to, require a unique code.


Set the Device Type as KVS - Torex Kitchen Video Screen.


Enter the Network Address. The first part is the IP Address of the KVS machine. The second part is the Server Sequence that has been used which is different for every KVS machine or instance in use. The Server Sequence can be obtained from the POSDB.XML on the relevant KVS server install folder that is <Server00>0x100</Server00>.


Click the Save button.


Start the Kitchen Printer Setup task. (DataEntryBasic.exe POSPrinter)


Select the Till and enter the Printer Code for the KVS. Select the Department/Category/Group of items if required. If the Dept/Cat/Group fields are left blank, all items will be sent to the KVS.


Click the Save button.

When the POS loads, it pickups the new device type of KVS and configures it ready for use. The KVS works in a similar fashion to the kitchen printing that all items that fall into the kitchen print category are sent to the relevant kitchen printer, in this case a KVS. A new ticket is opened on the KVS with details such as order number, elapsed time of order, and so on. Items that are entered on the POS appear exactly in the same order on the KVS screen. As you add/delete modifiers, these are updated on the KVS almost instantly. In fact any changes to an order which alters its makeup is reflected on the KVS.

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