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How Do I Set Up The Merchant Local Server?


Install the Merchant Local Server by creating a Windows shortcut to the MerchantLocalServer.exe and copy the shortcut into the Windows startup folder so that the executable will run on bootup of the PC. Keep in mind, that if DynaposTouch does not detect the Merchant Local Server upon startup, it will wait 15 seconds and attempt to connect to it again.


To run the program, simple double click the shortcut you have just created or run the MerchanLocalServer.exe manually. It will then listen on the network for any till that wants to store a held sale.


For a till to check for the local server, it needs the Check For Local Server flag ticked on in Till.


Once the till is reloaded with this setting it will then store the held sales locally if it can find the server. If the server is not running, then the held sales will be stored up on the headoffice server.

Please note that customer orders are not stored locally via the Merchant Local Server. They will always be held on the headoffice database.

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