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How Do I Set Up Tracking Serial Numbers?

Serial number tracking only works when using the FIFO costing method. It does not apply when using Average Cost. For each item, you specify how it should be tracked. If you specify you want to track an item, then when you receive it you need to enter each of the serial numbers. When you sell it, you need to select which one is being sold. The serial number is printed on the receipt. When a return is performed, the POS will allow you to view the original serial numbers sold and indicate which ones are being returned.

Be aware that using serial number tracking requires very strict business practices. You cannot sell a tracked item, until the goods have been received into the system.

To control how each item is tracked, go to the Advanced tab of the Item screen and set the Serial Number Tracking option.

Do Not Track

No tracking of items is done at all. Inventory adjustments are automatically done on the oldest item. When you receive stock you do not have to select specific items. When you sell items you do not have to select specific items.

Track Our Serial Numbers

Tracking of individual items is done based on a number generated by the system. As an item is received, you need to create a record for each individual unit of stock. Each of these records is assigned a unique number. When you sell the item you need to select the individual items to use.

Track Supplier Serial Numbers

This is basically the same as the Track Our Serial Numbers but instead of using our generated number, you use the supplier's serial number.

Track Batch/Use By Date

This option is used for items that are shipped in batches or have expiry dates. Its of most use in a warehouse. As items are received you specify a single record for all items, where this record contains the batch# and/or use by date. When you transfer items from one location to another, you are able to select the batch to transfer. When you sell items at POS, you are not asked for the specific items. The system simply assumes the oldest items should be used.

When selling a tracked item at POS, you need to specify the serial numbers to use before the transaction can be completed. If you are doing a customer order, you can choose to enter the serial numbers later. However, you need to enter serial numbers BEFORE you can release the goods.

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