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How Do I Set Up Two Discount Offers?

For example to set up the offer "buy 12 or more get 10% discount, buy 24 or more get 20% discount".

Usually, if the 'buy 12' offer was processed first then all items would be marked and the 'buy 24' offer would never be considered, even if the customer bought more than 24. To resolve this issue set the priority of the 'buy 24' offer to 10 and the priority of the 'buy 12' offer to 20. This way the system checks the 'buy 24' first.

If the customer bought 30 then they would get this discount and since all the items are marked as used, the 'buy 12' offer is never considered.

If the customer bought 16, the 'buy 24' offer would be considered but would fail. The system would then check the 'buy 12' offer.


Select the Items task from the Main Menu.


Start the Discounts & Offers task from the menu.


Click the New button to start a new offer or alternatively click on the Discount button to search for the offer required.

Highlight offer required and press the Select button.



Enter or change the value in the Priority field. The lower the number the higher the priority.


Click the Save button.

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