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How Do I Stop An Item Being Sold At A Location?

When an item is no longer required at a location, it needs to be unstocked. When the item is marked as unstocked, any future cost/sell changes will not be sent to the location. Depending on the venue system used, the product should still be available to sell while there is still stock. Unstocked items do not appear on stocktakes or reports.


Select the Items task from the Main Menu.


Start the Items option from the Items menu.


Find the item you want to unstock (press the Items button to start the search).

Use IPN or Description to narrow the search.


Click the Range tab.


Enter the location or use the button to search for the location required.


Click the Get Details button.


Click the Inventory/Sales tab and deselect the Stocked check box.


Click the Save button.


Press the Close button. button_range.gif (1480 bytes)

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