How Do I Suggest Multiple Purchase Orders?

A suggested purchase order is where the system automatically suggests items to appear on your purchase order based on sales history and required stock levels. A single purchase order can be raised using Purchase Orders (see How Do I Get a Suggested Purchase Order?). For multiple purchase orders, add your new purchase order as you normally would, that is supplier, location, delivery dates, and so on. but don't enter any items in it. Instead do the following:


Locations, Items, Suppliers.


Start the Suggested Purchase Orders task from the Main Menu.


Enter the location that the stock is to be ordered for.


If you want to only order certain types of items, enter the department, category and/or group.


Click the Suggest button. The system generates all the purchase orders.


Enter the Required By date and click the Create Orders button.


Button_Print2.gif (1479 bytes) Click the Print button to print the orders to paper.


If you need to change details for a particular purchase order, find the order within the grid and double-click it. This displays the order in the standard Purchase Order form that you can then modify as required.


button_send.gif (1461 bytes) Click the Send button to mark all the listed orders as sent to supplier.

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