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How Do I Tell POS Whether Items Should Be Returned Into Stock?

As a user, you don't have to take any special action to tell the system whether or not the item being returned should be placed into stock or discarded. When you do a return, you select a reason for the return. Return reasons have an option on them to indicate whether the item goes back into stock or not. As a user, you don't see this option. You simply need to select the appropriate return reason and the system takes care of the rest.

If the item should go back into stock, you will see an increase in stock in the Stock Audit function. If the item should not got back into stock, you will see two records in Stock Audit. The first will be an increase of stock (showing stock came back in) and the second will be a decrease (basically a stock adjustment of the stock). By seeing two entries, you get a proper audit trail for the stock movement.

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