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How Do I Transfer Items Internally?

There are two types of transfers that can be done.

You can do a transfer which decrements the stock at the sending location and increments the stock at the receiving location immediately. This type of transfer is useful where you have several locations within the same physical area, for example a bottleshop and a bar. This type of transfer is described below.

Alternatively, you can have a more formal request/response type of transfer which is used when transferring stock between two physically separate locations (see How Do I Request An External Stock Transfer? and How Do I Respond to a Stock Transfer Request?)


Locations, Items, Suppliers.


Select the Inventory task from the Main Menu.


Start the Internal Transfers task.



Press the New button.
 The system starts a new transfer and assign a number to it automatically. The status of the transfer is set to 'New'.


In Location enter the location, or select it from the list using the button, from which the items are to be transferred.


You do not need to enter a description although it may help you to recognise the transfer in future.


Select the Transfer Date.


Click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) button to start adding products to the transfer.


Enter the IPN of the item you want to transfer. If you don't have the IPN then click  to start an item search using the description of an item.


Enter the number of units/cartons you want to transfer.


Enter the location, or select it from the list, to which the item is to be transferred.


If the item you are transferring from is available at the receiving location, the IPN is automatically set. If it is not available then you must enter the number of a compatible item. If you don't know the number, press the  button. This displays the Transfer Item form that shows the items that the From item can be transferred into.



Click the Save button.


If you need to add more items, click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) button. Repeat Steps 8 to 12 until all items have been entered.


If you need to change the quantity for an item, simply click in the Units or Cartons column of the required item and enter the new values.


If you need to delete an item from the purchase order do one of the following:

         I.      Click on the required row and then click the btnSmallDelete.gif (1109 bytes) button.

       II.      Click on the required row. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the Delete key. The system will check you want to delete. Click OK to delete the line, or Cancel to leave the line in the transfer.


Once all items have been entered, click the Print button.
Button_Print2.gif (1479 bytes)

The system prints out a Picking Slip. Check the details on it.


Press the Accept button. The system asks if you want to pick all items. Answer Yes.


The details are accepted and the status of the transfer set to Picked. The transfer is complete.

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