How Do I Upgrade Exes To The Stores?


Place new exe in the \drsapps\POSUpdateFiles folder on the server.


Select Notify Upgrade in Till Control. This will tell the tills to download the exes and place them in the local c:\drsapps\upgrade directory. Be sure to check the FILEDOWNLOAD table as this will tell you if an exe has been successfully downloaded or not. The download will happen in the background of the POS, it won't affect sales processing. However, try to do this only in offpeak times so as to not place further work on the server.


Once the exes have all downloaded, you can then organise the sites to upgrade. So you set the FILEVERSIONS table with the new exe versions. You can use the FILEVERSION application (MerchantEOD.exe fileversions) to do this for you. Once the FILEVERSIONS table is set, you can ask the POS to RESTART for the TILL CONTROL application. When the POS restarts, it will check the FILEVERSIONS table. It will notice it needs to upgrade to a new version, so it first checks the c:\drsapps\upgrade folder to see if the exe is there. As it should be there because you sent it down using the Notify Upgrade command, the pos will copy the new exe over and launch it.

If for whatever reason the exe is not in the local upgrade folder, the POS will check in the \drsapps\POSUpdateFiles folder to see if it is there. If it is, it will try to download it, and this is where you're seeing the POS hang because the comms is bad and it's taking forever for the exe to be downloaded.

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