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How Do I Use Barcodes For Returns?

When you do a return on POS, some users need to find the original sale transaction to match against. You can do this by searching for the transaction number using the sales history window. However, you can also configure the system to print a barcode on the original sale receipt representing the transaction.

The barcode includes the till code and the receipt number and needs to print as a Code 3of9 barcode. The exact settings to make this work will depend on your printer. You will need to refer to the printer's manual to determine the correct codes to use.


Run POS Device Type to see a list of the defined devices. Edit the relevant device.


The Barcode On setting should include the escape sequence required to start printing a barcode. On a TM-T88, this is: \029\107\002


The Barcode Off setting should include the escape sequence required to stop printing a barcode. The TM-T88, no setting is required.


Save your settings.


Run the Till function and edit the required till.


Go to the Location tab and edit the Receipt Ftr. Add the following line:


This will tell the POS to print a barcode which consists of the till code and the receipt number, separated by a '.'.


On the Profile - Settings 2 tab, check on the Ask Trans# For Return option.


Save your settings.


Reload POS to pick up the changes.

Your receipts should now print with a barcode on them. When you do a return, the system will ask you for the receipt number of the original transaction. Simple scan the barcode and the POS will do a search for the specified receipt.

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