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How Do I Use Price Per Unit?


You need to have a Unit Of Measure code for each price unit you want to calculate, for example 100GM, 100ML, and so on.


In Items, edit each item and set its Price Per Unit Code (on the Advanced tab) to one of the price point units, for example 100GM. Set the Price Per Unit Qty to the number of times that unit is in the item, for example a 375GM item has 3.75 x 100GM. So the Price Per Unit Qty would be 3.75.


Design you label with Label Designer and add the fields Price Per Unit Code and Price Per Unit Sell 1 to the label.


Generate your tickets. Items which had a Price Per Unit Code set, will show the pricing information on the ticket. If the item didn't have a Price Per Unit Code, the information will appear empty on the ticket.

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