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How Do I Use Rebates?

Rebates are actually fairly straightforward. A rebate is revenue you receive after purchasing goods. It is generally paid based on the value of the purchases and may be paid by the supplier and/or manufacturer of the goods. To get your rebates you have to make a claim. This generally involves listing your purchases, working out the rebate amount and sending the details to the supplier. The supplier then sends money back to you for the claim amount. In some instances the supplier pays the claim automatically without you needing to send the details.

The following are the broad steps required to use rebates.


Suppliers, Items.


You must have your stock control system working correctly before you can start using rebates. This is because rebates are based on the invoices you enter for received stock. See Setting Up Stock Control?


Enter the rebates that you have been offered by your suppliers. See How Do I Add Rebates? 


Enter your invoices as soon as possible after you receive them. See How Do I Add A New Supplier Invoice? 


When you are ready to make your claims, perform the Rebate Claims task to generate a report of all the rebates owed to you. Check that the details are correct. If you have forgotten to enter an invoice or a rebate, go back and enter them now. Perform the Rebate Claims again to ensure the details are now correct. Repeat this until you are happy with the details.


Perform the Accept Rebates task. This will mark the invoices as claimed so you cannot claim them again. The claims have now been moved into the suppliers' rebate account. You can send statements and record payments just as you would any other account.

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