How Do I Use Suggested Ordering?

This section explains the general requirements for suggesting orders. It is strongly recommended that you understand Suggested Ordering before continuing.


Locations, Items, Suppliers.


You must define the default stock cover levels required for items within a department/category/group. See How Do I Add Stock Cover Levels for Departments?


You should consider adding seasonal adjustments to allow for special periods such as Christmas and Easter. See How Do I Add Seasonal Adjustments for Departments?


You should enter the expected lead times for orders you place against suppliers. This is done by retrieving each supplier in Suppliers and setting the Order Lead Days. While you are it, set the Order Frequency as well. This tells the system how often you expect to place orders with the supplier. It has no impact on quantities ordered but can be used to select the type of supplier you want the system to suggest orders for.


Use the Suggest Stock Level task to convert stock cover levels for department/category/groups to specific quantities for each item based on their rate of sale.


Use Purchase Orders to create a new purchase order for a supplier. See How Do I Get A Suggested Purchase Order?

or Use Suggested Purchase Orders to create purchase orders for multiple suppliers.

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