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Importing Data

This task is used to import items from a comma-delimited text file. The task will create item, cost, sell and PLU details.

Note: The system does not create supplier, department, category, group or tax code details. These must be set up separately.

Figure: Example Import Item Data Screen

Data File

The file that you want to import. Press the Data File button to do a search for the file.

Ignore First Line

If this is checked on, the first line of the file will be treated as a column header line, that is no actual data, and will be ignored.

Field grid

The system will load the first line of the data file and show each field. The first column is what the name of the field should be. The second column is same data from the file. You can use this to check that the columns of the data file are positioned correctly before you load the actual file.

Costs Location

This is the location code for which the cost records will be created.

Sells Location

This is the location code for which the sell records will be created.

Effective Date

The effective date that should be used when creating new cost and sell records.

Tax System

The tax system for which the items are to be loaded.

Load Data

Check this option on to load the data. If this option is checked on, the system will simply check the data is valid.

Press the Run button to process the data file. The system will create all the items that do not have any problems. Any errors will be shown on the Import Item Error Report.

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