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ImportService is intended for use specifically with Londis item imports and uses the system settings on the Client Specific 2 tab.

The database table IMPORTFILE has been added to track files which have been processed and imported in the system.

To install the service copy the executable into the drsapps folder and then run


from that folder.

By default, the service is installed with display name “Merchant Import Service” so that it appears next to the existing BE services – Merchant B2B, Merchant Central Server and so on.

The import service uses the existing logging functions to report information / log any errors. To switch on logging add the following to DYNAMIC.INI and restart the service:



The log files are created in the standard BE folder and are named ImportServiceYYYYMMDD.log where YYYYMMDD is the date the log file was created.

The service is intended to run permanently and does not create a large amount of tracing when it is not doing anything – which will be most of the time. It will check the size of the log file periodically. If it becomes too large, the existing file will be closed and a new log file created – using the current date. If necessary an existing file of the same name will be renamed to xx.log in order to allow creation of the new file.

The service will also log incidents to the audit table as with existing BE applications using the STRTASK = ImportService:

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