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This program is used to initialise a system to use Merchant. It should be run from a centralised location, for example \\ MYSERVER\drsapps\InitDRSSystem.exe, so that it can create the local directories and set up the share. The program also should be run with adequate permissions to create the share.

If c:\drsapps or d:\drsapps does not exist, the program will create the following directories:

It will also share c:\drsapps as drsapps.

The program will attempt to find the DYNAMIC.INI using the rules outlines here.

If it can't find DYNAMIC.INI it will create one. If the program is being run under Terminal Services, it will create the file as $ HOMEPATH\windows\DYNAMIC.INI, otherwise it will create it in $ WINDIR\DYNAMIC.INI.

It will update the Address and Port settings (see DYNAMIC.INI) in the [DRS] section of DYNAMIC.INI.

If there is no ComputerID setting in the DYNAMIC.INI, it will automatically create a new one.

Figure: Example Initialise System Screen

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