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Installing A Workstation

Before installing the workstation, you will need to have SQL Server pre-installed. The BE ftp server contains the software to download. See Where Do I Get The Programs From? for further details.


Select the version of the release to download.


Select the System Installer folder and either Run or Save and run the .exe file. This launches the InstallShield Wizard to guide you through the setup process. Follow the prompts and enter the information required when prompted.

Select the Next button.


Select the Workstation Installation option as the type of installation required and select the Next button. This type of installation is used to install the client applications. It is typically installed on head office machines but can also be used to create back office PC’s in store.


Select the country for installation from the drop down list if the default country shown is not correct. Similarly, select the default language and select the Next button.


Select or Browse for the database server that you are installing to. Select the authentication method and enter details if required. Select the Next button to continue.


Click the Install button to begin the installation.


Press Finish when the installation is complete.


Select Main Menu from the \drsapps directory or RPBE Menu shortcut from the desktop to start the workstation.


Enter the details and press the Save button.

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