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Inventory Templates

Its quite common to do a stocktake of a set of items on a regular basis. Or to do a purchase order on the same items each week. Inventory templates allow you to make a set of items into a template. This template can then be used in various inventory transactions. This will have the effect of adding the items from the template to the actual inventory transaction.

The templates can be used in one of two ways. Firstly, when you manually create a transaction like a purchase order or stocktake, you can select a template to use.

Secondly, the end of day job Generate Template Transactions will look for templates that are applicable to the processing date and generate actual transactions from the inventory. For example, if you have a stocktake template that is generated for stores in the BIG group on Tuesdays then on Tuesday night the system will create one stocktake for each store in the BIG group. The items on the stocktake will be all the items defined in the template.

You define the templates using the Inventory Templates function.

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