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Items - Customer Details

This tab allows you to enter information that will be used to provide more information to the customer, either in terms of additional comments, or multimedia clips related to the item.

Figure: Example Items Screen

Comments 1-2

Two comments fields are available for each item. It is up to the user what these comments are used for. As a suggestion, the first comment might be tasting notes for wine, while the second is cellaring notes. The first comment is displayed to the user via DynaPOSTouch. Both the first and second comments are available to print on tickets.

Long Description


The right side of the screen contains links to Media Clips. Next to each field where you enter a media clip is a small Edit image. If you press this, a pop up window will display the relevant media clip.

Ticket Clip 1-5

You can associate up to five media clips to print on tickets. You need to decide which ticket clips are used for what purposes. For example, Ticket Clip 1 might show an image of which food a bottle of wine goes with while Ticket Clip 2 shows an image of how well the wine will cellar.

Note: Only the images selected in Ticket Clip 1 will be used for MMPlus.

Info Clip

The multimedia clip that provide an image of the item. This is the main picture that will displayed at POS for the item and one the home shopping site.

Other Clips

This grid will display the media clips that may be relevant to the item based on the supplier, manufacturer, item details recorded against the media clips. The clips will not be listed until you press the Other Clips button.

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